How to add weather graphs to your web pages

As we know, several people are adding our weather graphs to their web pages. Here some details on how to add them.

Available URLs (use http or https according to your web site mode, otherwise browsers might throw warnings):



Parameters (values shown are just examples):

  • call=DL1ABC (any callsign known to
  • days=30 (from 1 to 365)
  • height=300 (from 200 to 1000 pixel)
  • width=700 (from 400 to 1800 pixel)


Example with real values:


Welcome to our new site

Dear Visitor,

As you might have noticed, this site is about to replace our old one at After we decided to shutdown the RF operations of DB0ANF, we got multiple requests whether we could retain the APRS related web pages.

So here we are at a new general domain that is no more linked to the amateur radio callsign previously used. We are currently restricting our operations to APRS only, however may add the BBS archive or the DX-Cluster interface later at another site.