Active PSKmail stations (last hour):

CallsignSort downSort up Icon Position Locator FramesSort downSort up UplinkSort downSort up Last HeardSort downSort up AgeSort downSort up
IR0UGN-842.10.11N 012.47.14EJN62JE58437T2NORWAY2018-11-18 04:13:545m
OE5RTL48.26.74N 014.32.24EJN78GK93479T2NORWAY2018-11-18 04:11:327m
PA0R-351.22.42N 005.20.19EJO21QI99944T2SWEDEN2018-11-18 04:14:394m
XE3REM-1120.58.86N 089.34.73WEL50FX7229T2MEXICO2018-11-18 04:18:031m

This table shows PSKmail stations heard within the last hour. Please see the PSKmail Wiki for more details.