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N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 01:32:39 Hello KC1IQL, I copy your message. 73 N9SIR
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 01:37:58 Hello, I'm the one that emailed you about you pixel image file
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 01:38:05 *your
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 01:38:26 I'm so close to getting this working, just can't get USB GPS
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 01:38:34 to pass data to Xastir
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 01:39:11 I am a complete newbie when it comes to all of this.
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 01:42:07 73, KC1IQL
N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 01:59:52 The GPS can be a bit tricky with a fresh image file..
N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 02:00:24 Try rebooting the Raspberry when switching the address or port..
N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 02:04:37 Feel free to send me an email if you can't get the GPS going.
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 02:05:08 I've been using /dev/ttyUSB0 as the port, it says UP in Xastir
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 02:05:56 GPS Status: 00/Fix: Invalid, what do you mean by address?usb slot?
N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 02:06:11 Have you tried /dev/ttyACM0 for the address ?
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 02:06:27 i did and it said DOWN
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 02:06:37 i'll try again
N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 02:07:25 Try one address, plug the GPS in 1 or the 4 USB slots.
N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 02:09:08 Reboot each time you try a different slot to see if it fires up.
KC1IQL N9SIR-1 2017-12-05 02:09:34 k will do, thank you
N9SIR-1 KC1IQL 2017-12-05 02:10:28 Feel free to email and I'm happy to help. 73
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-20 04:34:07 test test test
N9SIR-1 W4HBO-5 2018-01-20 12:26:43 Hello W4HBO-5, received your test. de Tony, EM86ea
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-20 13:31:25 glad it got through this in Jordan from instagram
N9SIR-1 W4HBO-5 2018-01-20 14:45:54 Hey Jordan, great to see you on APRS and on Xastir too.
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-21 00:57:49 yeah this one is running xastir on top of direwolf
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-21 01:55:58 i just had to restart the digipeater
N9SIR-1 W4HBO-5 2018-01-21 13:07:17 Nice, I have only use direwolf with a SDR (RX only), worked great.
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-21 15:34:46 u can set up direwolf to be a stand alone digipeater
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-21 15:35:05 that is what W4HBO-7 is
N9SIR-1 W4HBO-5 2018-01-22 00:24:52 Really nice, can direwolf (stand alone) igate too?
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-22 00:53:14 yes it can W4HBO-7 is doing that also
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-22 01:27:37 i think i may have fixed it
N9SIR-1 W4HBO-5 2018-01-22 02:18:59 Awesome, I will try it this week or this weekend.
W4HBO-5 N9SIR-1 2018-01-22 02:45:16 ok if u have any problems just let me know and i will walk u throug
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