NEWBRY Basic Info:

Station Callsign Total # of frames Last Digi Last Gateway Last Uplink Last Heard
NEWBRY286004K8GI-5K8GI-52018-01-24 01:17:03
Last Coordinates Last Locator Altitude (m/ft) Speed (kmh/kn) Course First Heard
41.27.83N 081.17.62W EN91IL n/a n/a n/a 2016-09-26 20:22:38
Last Digi Path
Last Raw Data
NEWBRY>APRX29,qAR,K8GI-5:;147.015 *111111z4127.79N/08117.29Wr147.015MHz T110 +060 W8OKE
Last Status Message
2017-08-08 03:24:07 /Wheeling, WV/146.760
Last I-Gate Message
Location Details
7 km East-North-East of South Russell, Ohio
14.3 km East of Pepper Pike, Ohio
33.8 km East of Cleveland, Ohio