N4RDZ-9 Basic Info:

Station Callsign Total # of frames Last Digi Last Gateway Last Uplink Last Heard
N4RDZ-95197N7ZEV-3AA5QJ-1N7ZEV-32017-03-26 20:26:15
Last Coordinates Last Locator Altitude (m/ft) Speed (kmh/kn) Course First Heard
36.04.99N 115.04.99W DM26LB 638 / 2093 46 / 24 176 2016-11-18 20:49:10
Last Digi Path
Last Raw Data
N4RDZ-9>SVPZZZ,N7ZEV-3,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1,qAS,AA5QJ-1:`+XnSh>/`":s}146.520MHz T103 I'm lost but you know where my radio is_%
Last Status Message
Last I-Gate Message
Location Details
1.4 km North of Whitney, Nevada
5.9 km East-South-East of Paradise, Nevada
10.3 km West-North-West of Henderson, Nevada