F4ACU-1 Basic Info:

Station Callsign Total # of frames Last Digi Last Gateway Last Uplink Last Heard
F4ACU-1610RPN1-1IR0UGN-10IR0UGN-102018-04-20 19:47:40
Last Coordinates Last Locator Altitude (m/ft) Speed (kmh/kn) Course First Heard
47.17.14N 000.47.64E JN07JG 12058 / 39561 807 / 436 212 2017-10-14 07:01:29
Last Digi Path
Last Raw Data
F4ACU-1>APX211,RPN1-1,qAR,IR0UGN-10:=4717.15N\00047.64E-Matthieu Robust-Packet Xastir & SCS Tracker
Last Status Message
2017-11-19 13:12:03 http://robust-packet.net - RP "Flying Digi" available
Last I-Gate Message
Location Details
0.9 km East-North-East of Esvres, Centre
4.6 km East of Veigné, Centre
13.7 km South-East of Tours, Centre