AA6HF Basic Info:

Station Callsign Total # of frames Last Digi Last Gateway Last Uplink Last Heard
AA6HF336600TCPIPEIGHTHEIGHTH2018-01-20 18:51:21
Last Coordinates Last Locator Altitude (m/ft) Speed (kmh/kn) Course First Heard
33.47.52N 116.28.69W DM13ST n/a n/a n/a 2016-09-26 20:22:35
Last Digi Path
Last Raw Data
AA6HF>APMI06,TCPIP*,qAC,EIGHTH:>I-Gate and WX Palm Springs-Cathedral City
Last Status Message
2018-01-20 18:51:21 I-Gate and WX Palm Springs-Cathedral City
Last I-Gate Message
Location Details
1.8 km North-West of Cathedral City, California
71.5 km East of Moreno Valley, California
82.8 km East-South-East of San Bernardino, California